Hello (again) world!

It was a sunny day in mid September, Punky, our primitive little protagonist chimp awakes from a deep slumber in his cave.

He looks around him and realises millennia must have past by.

Immediately he shakes his wife, Stigmella, to awaken her.

He looks her deep in the eyes and says:


Hello and welcome to the Jungle.

I’m Shaun a.k.a. primitiveshaun a Digital Designer & Creative Developer with over a decades experience across the full digital lifecycle.

Whether you know me or not it’s more than probable that, in some way or another, my little monkey fingers have touched your life already.

If you bank with Barclays, HSBC or RBSG then I’ve written automation macros to configure how ATM and POS machines work and how charges get applied (sorry about that).

Or, if you’ve paid at a petrol station, I may have made that POSUI (the till screen if you don’t speak digital lingo).


How about if you suffer from EPP, Vitiligo or Skin Cancer too – eventually) and will benefit from afamelanotide treatment. Or, if you have ever had a blood test, a hospital visit or TMS treatment.
Then there’s a bit of my monkey magic in there too.

Still No?

Well do you Eat. Do you Drink, or do you ever take Drugs (pharmaceutical ones)?

Then I’ve designed and developed over 50 customised and bespoke Quality Events Management systems and apps for manufacturers around the world that audit, document & automate every step of production processes from conception and risk analysis, to change management, through to product deviations and complaint handling.

Yet, Still No?

Then, if you ever bought event tickets, flowers or designer childrenswear online or dealt with over 300 small businesses in the UK or seen marketing for BBC, Coke, Adidas or Nike.

Then you’ve also met a little bit of me.

So, Yes.

Primitive was my monica as a freelancer, I resurrected the brand in 2019 as the most public of my many diverse faces.

Primitive Digital, previously know as Primitive Web Design provides strategic design and creative development services direct to small business.

To support enterprise and innovation we offer special rates to startups and charities.

Please message for details.

Our sister site Primitive Hosting, offers fair price, high performance, low hassle WordPress hosting. We include all the extras (some hosts have the questionable ethics to charge more questionable amounts for) in nice neat bundle.

Combining creative intelligence with technical savvy.

We produce high performance, web platforms and measurable digital assets.

All done with style, panache and in playful, pertinent yet prudent ways.

Now taking on new bookings.

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