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Primitive One

WIP: check back later…

In the beginning

In my first incarnation as a freelancer there were three main frameworks that dominated Management of Content.
WordPress, Joomla and Magento. These respectively regarded as Blogging, CMS and E-commerce frameworks.

However. Somewhere, at some point WordPress fell into toxic goo and mutated into something so much more.

If you subscribe to the ‘Everything’s an Object’ approach to architecture then you start to see why.

The latest thing to give hard-working developers a good REST would be the Headless, or decoupled, method for creating WordPress websites.

Following some brief experiments with Gatsby and Next.js I discovered Frontity. Each of these like little stepping-stones, taking me closer to what I was looking for. A modern alternative to a trusty WordPress theme frameworks like Understrap?

Are they better than the traditional PHP methods? What’s the pros and cons of this paradigm?

Part 1: A Frontity Theme

Launched in 2019 the new Frontity framework is the best way to create optimised REST websites using WordPress and JavaScript.

The Frontity theme powering this website is a heavily customised early release of the @frontity/mars-theme with a few newer bits pulled from @frontity/twentytwenty-theme.


WordPress is installed to a subdomain ( within a subdirectory of my root directory. SSL is forced at server level.

Frontity deployed to Vercel via a second domain(

This is not ideal as you have to transfer your domain to vercel, or point your domain name servers at vercel. I broke my GSuite setup.

SSL seems to be forced by default on Vercel.

No default handling of subdomains or canonical / non-www.

Think I’ve broke mail-forwarding – poss need MX records setting?

301 redirects seem easily done in the now.json, not sure about masked redirects.

Vercel/Github auto-integration blew up a few times CLI update / me adding image assets to the build / having



Redirection: Testing

  • WP REST Cache
  • REST API Log
  • Yoast SEO + REST API Head tags
  • CF7

Q: Do I really need all of Bootstrap?


Part 2: A WordPress Theme

As detailed in the WordPress Developers Theme Handbook there are only a few Required Theme Files.

Demo deployments of basic create-react-app + understrap:

Open source rocks! The best stuff is built, tried and tested by everyone, everywhere.

let'z b friends 4eva