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WordPress Ping List

This is our current ping list for a WordPress blog.

Information gathered from my adventures in time (and various sources on the web); so, guaranteed to only be as accurate as anything else found on the web.

The Ping List was recently reviewed and after checking what up-to-date listings WP-ME and WP Blogging 101 had to offer I was somewhat disappointed. They both include a number of dead links and out-dated methods.

Bing now requires the sitemap URL to be included and also powers Yahoo search.

The below list is generic/non-local specific. Some of the international services are not needed if that’s not your market.

Every time you publish content on WordPress these services will be notified of your new content increasing your online exposure.

To use this list, copy and paste this list (changing the sitemap URL) to your WordPress Admin Dashboard under Settings->Writing tab in the admin panel.

The benefits of using ping services today are debatable as social networks have dominant influence, however for frequently updated web sites they still seem to be applicable.

let'z b friends 4eva